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Tap Happy Sabotage!Windows 8 (2014)

Slamjet Stadium for iPad
iPad (2013)

Greedy Bankers vs The World for iPad

Multiplayer for iPad
iPad (2011)

Greedy Bankers: Bailout!

For iPhone
iPhone (2012)

Nominated - Pocket Gamer Awards 2014

Nominated for:
Best Developer - Alistair Aitcheson
Best Sports/Driving Game - Slamjet Stadium





Game developer behind the Greedy Bankers games for iOS devices. A Eurogamer Indie Arcade finalist and one of Develop Magazine's 30 Under 30.

Based in Wiltshire, UK, Alistair operates as a one-man indie studio, doing all his own artwork as well as programming in a range of languages.

He has been creating video games since 2001 and operating as a full-time indie developer since 2010.

His recent games focus on physically active touchscreen multiplayer, both on iPad and large-scale Windows 8 devices.

His ethos is that physical contact inclduing pushing and shoving - as well as cheating - enhance social interaction, creativity and expression in play.

Alistair started his studio straight out of university, after graduating with a 1st class Masters in Mathematics from University of Warwick.

He has worked on freelance projects for clients including the BBC and Sparx Ltd, an educational technology company, for whom he develops maths-learning games.

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Alistair Aitcheson with iPad

Tap Happy Sabotage! (Windows 8)

A multiplayer game for 27-inch touchscreen PCs that supports up to 52 players! It's arm-clashing madness!

Winner of Pocket Gamer Very Big Indie Pitch 2014

Selected for EGX Leftfield Collection 2014

Slamjet Stadium (iPad)

Multiplayer physics-based sports game where cheating and foul play are encouraged!

New & Noteworty in 61 Countries
Gold Award- Pocker Gamer

Greedy Bankers (iOS)

Eurogamer Indie Game Arcade Finalist 2011

Fast-paced puzzle game for iOS, with frantic multiplayer on iPad. Cheat and steal from your friends!

Upcoming Events

GameCity 9, Nottingham
New installation-based version of Tap Happy Sabotage
25 - 30 Aug 2014

Recent Events

EGX Expo Leftfield Collection
Exhibiting Tap Happy Sabotage
25 - 28 Sept

Exhibiting Tap Happy Sabotage
19 - 20 Sept 2014 

Gamescom, Cologne
Exhibiting Tap Happy Sabotage at Unity Technologies showcase
13 - 15 Aug 2014

Join - Local Multiplayer Summit, Berlin
Talk/Q&A on touchscreen multiplayer
9 Aug 2014

Develop Conference 2014, Brighton
Thinking Bigger: Developing for Large-Scale Touchscreens
8 July 2014

Indie Games Collective Conference, London
Working with Large Touchscreens
21 March 2014

Pocket Gamer Connects, London
Tap Happy Sabotage Live Demo
20-21 Jan 2014

ExPlay 2013, Bath
Human vs CPU: Unconventional Ways to Challenge Players
31 Oct 2013

GDC Europe 2013, Cologne
Getting Physical with Tablet Multiplayer
20 Aug 2013

Develop Conference 2013, Brighton
Getting Physical with Tablet Multiplayer
9 July 2013

GameHorizon 2013, Newcastle
Re-imagining Multiplayer on Tablet
9 May 2013

GameCity Nights: Bristol
Slamjet Stadium public demo
29 January 2013

GameCity 7: Nottingham
Galaxyball 2113 public demo
25-26 October 2012

Train2Game World Record Game Jam Attempt
Judging Panel
16 Sept 2012

Games & Apps Fest
Talk: How Indie Studios Can Capitalise on their Strengths
4 Oct 2012

Develop Conference Brighton
Indie Dev Day Talk
Indie Exposure: Tackling the Challenges
12 July 2012

TIGA Mobile and Tablet Conference
Exhibiting Greedy Bankers
30th March 2012

Margate, Kent
Indie panel - Public game demo
15-17 Feb 2012

Guardian Gamesblog Indie Social
BAFTA London
Greedy Bankers public demo, panel discussion
11 Feb 2012

Bit of Alright, Battersea Arts Centre
Talk: Indie Exposure
3 Feb 2012

TIGA Mobile, Tablet and Handheld Games Conference
Running a One-Man Indie Studio
25 November 2011

Develop Conference Liverpool
Building on Greedy Bankers - Applying App Store Experience
24 November 2011

Qantm College, London- Guest Lecture
26 October 2011

GameCity Nottingham- Greedy Bankers Demo Day
28 October 2011



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