Originally performed at the Play18 Festival in Hamburg, The Scrambled Eggman Show takes Alistair's love of data corruption and turns it into an interactive gameshow.

The audience splits into two teams to take part in gameshow-style challenges creating by corrupting data in classic Sonic the Hedgehog games while they are being played.

Events include having Sonic's running speed increase every time he collects a ring, deleting bits of the level from memory while the game is being played, and an unusual controller where four players must cooperate at the same time.

Alistair hosts the show in the guise of Doctor Eggman himself, and awards delicious prizes to the winning competitors!

The technology that powers the show is of Alistair's own creation, modifying the open source GenesisPlus emulator so that he can write scripts that allow him to read and write from an emulated Mega Drive's memory. This same technology allows him to operate the games over a WiFi network and read data from the games to present to the audience in an customised UI.

The Scrambled Eggman Show is designed to explore many of the ideas developed by The Incredible Playable Show - in particular, the role of the host as a clown-like character, and the opportunities for unpredictable gameplay to be a spectacle in itself.