What is the show?

An interactive gameshow full of data corruption and ridiculous controllers

Hosted by Doctor Eggman himself, the show uses modified Sonic the Hedgehog games to create unusual challenges. Control the game by shouting at the screen! Cooperate with a controller whose buttons are shared between four people! Destroy your opponents when every time you collect a ring it deletes data from your opponent's game!

Selected Performances

PLAY18 Festival, Hamburg - 3 Nov 2018
SCIxSW Know Show, Bristol - 24 Jan 2019
Spielkulturfestival, Remscheid - 8 Mar 2019
Game Days, Osnabrück - 17 Aug 2019
The Overkill, Enschede - 22-24 Nov 2019

About the technology

The technology that powers the show is of Alistair's own creation. He has modified an open source Genesis emulator to modify RAM based on his own scripts. It also outputs progress to a custom gameshow UI.

Artistic intention

The Scrambled Eggman Show is designed to explore many of the ideas developed by The Incredible Playable Show. The role of the host as a clown-like persona is emphasised. To make an experience closer to something that could be distributed online, the aim of each game is to create drama, spectacle and surprise.