Homunculus (2017)

Created at Lyst Summit 2017 with the other participants of the game jam.

Homunculus is played using a single volunteer in a morphsuit. The volunteer is the "Homunculus" and must remain silent during the process. One player selects a body part to be the homunculus' pleasure point. A second player must find that point by touching the homunculus' body in different parts and seeing how it responds.

The concept of having an anonomysed human being as a component in a video game is something Alistair is keen to explore further. As well as allowing the human performer to lend their own personality to the experience, it is also an uncomfortable experience for players. This offers a chance to question the human element behind the games and technology we consume.

A complete write-up of the project is on Alistair's development blog.

The project is revisited in Episode 5 of Alistair's podcast.