The Incredible Playable Podcast

A podcast exploring the varied and esoteric influences behind my work. It reflects on obscure and unfinied projects from my portfolio, the lessons learnt behind the scenes, and what all of these experiences have to teach us about life and art.

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Episode 5: Homunculus

A search for artificial life by way of Jelle's Marble Runs and the work of Jess Marcotte and Dietrich "Squinky" Squinkifer

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Episode 4: Finger 2000

Exploring surrealist artist Man Ray and how his work connects to hacking Sonic the Hedgehog

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Episode 3: University Challenge

Playing the TV quiz show University Challenge and turning it into performance art leads to an exploration of the game artist Cory Arcangel

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Episode 2: Yoko Ono's Chess Set

Did you know Yoko Ono made chess sets? This episode explores the use of chessboards by artists and what happens when you invite an audience to join in with a chess-art performance. An egg becomes god.

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Episode 1: Clowns and Humility

In an episode which diverges quite heavily from the format to come, Alistair reads through a book about clowns, to find out how setting aside ego allows us to become better playful performers.

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