Installation Rental

Tap Happy Sabotage and Codex Bash are both available for hire for events, or for long-term installation in public venues.

Designed to be played by any number of people at once, these games are very flexible and ideal for escape rooms, cafés, museums, exhibitions and parties.

The games can be licensed out for fixed periods of between 1 week and 1 year.

They are delivered as software-only solutions, with customers able to use their own hardware. Instructions on how to build custom parts are provided, and the developer's own hardware is available to rent for short-term periods.

Free trial licences are available for both games.

To obtain a free trial licence, details about hardware, or to discuss your requirements, please contact

Tap Happy Sabotage

An easy-to-learn game of reactions and cheating for 2-10 players on one large touch screen.

Find your card on the screen and sabotage your opponents to keep them away from theirs! Watch out as new rules appear - each one opens up new opportunities to play dirty!

Tap Happy Sabotage was selected for the EGX Leftfield Collection in 2014. It has been on display at the Game Science Center in Berlin since 2015.

Required Hardware

A touch-screen of 21-inches or larger


"I've taken Tap Happy Sabotage to a range of events over the last year. The space I create is all about using simple to pick up digital and analog games to get people to play together. Tap Happy Sabotage fits perfectly and it's in constant use.

I've seen 3 generations of families spend thirty minutes competing against each other and laughing the whole time. This is the type of game/installation that encourages new friendships and gets strangers talking."

Michael Bell - Cardboard Computer

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Codex Bash

Players must use the on-screen clues to uncover a sequence of button presses, and run around to bash the buttons in the right order. You may have to flip through maps, pick apart circuit diagrams or rifle through a book of spy photos, but one thing’s for certain: the best codebreakers work as a team!

Codex Bash won the Media Choice Award at IndieCade 2015. It was a nominee of the A MAZE awards in Berlin in 2016, and at the Out of Index festival in Seoul in 2017.

Required Hardware

Four coloured buttons placed at least 1.5m apart


"Codex Bash was one of the most popular parts of our event. Simple to learn, difficult to master, and a brilliant experience for players and spectators alike.

Watching strangers bond through frantic dashing and button bashing was an amazing way of showing how great gaming is at bringing people together."

Nathan Buckley - National Science and Media Museum

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Pricing Structure

Renting Codex Bash or Tap Happy Sabotage is priced based on the duration of the licence and the number of devices that can be used concurrently on the same licence.

The pricing structure below refers to the fee to rent either Tap Happy Sabotage or Codex Bash. Both games are licensed seperately.

  1 device 3 devices 10 devices
7 days 95 GBP 195 GBP 395 GBP
30 days 145 GBP 295 GBP 445 GBP
90 days 345 GBP 695 GBP 1045 GBP
1 year 995 GBP 1995 GBP 3995 GBP