The live stage show of the award-winning video game
Artholomew Video's Stream Challenge

A 1-hour interactive stage show where everybody in the room gets to be creative!

The show is made up of four creative challenges to be performed by Alistair, the host. However, every single one is powered by non-stop input from the audience, who direct to the creative process live from their phones.

The show consists of four important art disciplines: reading a classic work of literature, drawing a beautiful artwork, selling anything and everything like a TV salesman, and the drama and finesse of dance.

Your host will respond directly to your every suggestion to bring the crowd's creative visions to life!

The Crowd Creativity Show has been performed at the following events

  • A MAZE Berlin 2022, Germany
  • The Overkill Festivall 2022, Netherlands
  • Playful Learning Conference 2023, UK
  • Develop Conference 2023, UK
  • PLAY22 Hamburg, Germany
  • A MAZE Digital Playground 2023, Germany
  • Bath Fringe Festival 2023, UK

It has also been performed as special themed events with event-specific creativity games, and week-long ways for event visitors to contribute before the show:

The Ultimate Tournament at PLAY22 Hamburg
The Creative Love Show at Now Play This 2023, London

Video: The Crowd Creativity Show at PLAY22 Hamburg

Video: The Crowd Creativity Show at A MAZE Berlin 2022

The Ultimate Tournament

The Crowd Creativity Show was adapted into a week-long event for the PLAY22 Festival in Hamburg.

Over the course of the festival week visitors were invited to contribute drawings and ideas for characters, mechanics and locations to feature in a game.

As the end-of-festival show, all these suggestions were used to flesh out a game concept live on stage, with visitors invited to embody the various characters in a final playable showdown: The Ultimate Tournament!

The show can be easily adapted to fit any exhibition, and is a great way for visitors to contribute to a unique one-off event.

Behind the scenes, Alistair provides a web service to help source audience submissions, and moderating features to allow the festival staff to filter out inappropriate content.

Video: The Ultimate Tournament at PLAY22 Hamburg