Game Emulator Hacking

Various emulator hacks and scripts designed for playing unusual challenge runs, making video art and exploring game corruption.

Alistair's Magic Box

A modified version of the GenesisPlusGX emulator for playing Sega Mega Drive, Master System and Game Gear Games.

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Effects include:

Super-fast swapping beteen games whenever Sonic gets a ring
Super-fast swapping beteen games on a timer
Colours get removed from the game whenever Sonic gets a ring
Sorting screen pixels by colour
Swap an opponent's game or corrupt their level through online play
Connect to Twitch and let your audience break your game
Support for a selection of classic games so that in-game actions are interpreted like getting rings

BizHawk Ring Shuffler

A version of the BizHawk emulator which swaps the player between games based on pre-programmed events. For example, when Mario grabs a coin in Super Mario World, a line is cleared in Tetris, or Sonic gets a ring in Sonic R

Use this for game-switching across multiple platforms, including Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo, Neo Geo Pocket Color and many more!

An earlier version has slower switching but also has additional features such as using rings collected in one game instance to provide joypad inputs in a second. It can be downloaded from the link below.


Some of the weird and wonderful things created with these emulators

Created with the Magic Box

Created with the BizHawk Event Shuffler